CAN Announces Momentum to Modernize In kind Grant

The Coordinated Assistance Network is excited to be offering an in-kind grant to 50 organizations that will consist of free Black Level partner licenses for 5-years each.

The grant will be available soon, stay tuned!

This grant opportunity will be made public soon!  Organizations who are looking to demonstrate a magnitude of return on cloud technology should apply for this grant.  Letters of Intent (LOIs) will be accepted from 6/23/21 - 8/3/21.

If your organization does not subscribe to GrantWatch please email [email protected] for more information.  

FULL Request for Proposal (RFP) BELOW:

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations, agencies, educational institutions for. Applicants are required to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) prior to submitting a full proposal.

The grant is intended to provide technology that produces transformational resources for nonprofit infrastructure, efforts to scale, and implementation support.  

As nonprofits seek to enhance their core mission operations with technology, organizations are requiring more and more funding for foundational technology enhancements, such as managing their own records, documents, client files, migrating data to the cloud and modernizing new and existing applications.  The CAN is a cloud-based platform, and nothing is required to download onto computers or devices. Users may login from anywhere.

The Coordinated Assistance Network’s (CAN) “Momentum to Modernize” opportunity will offer a total of 50 5-year “Black Level” licenses, focusing on Minority Led Organizations (MLO’s), providing transformational cloud-based technology.  Momentum to Modernize is a “think big” grant, where highly innovative projects can leverage the CAN as a complete back-office cloud solution.  Grant recipients will have the potential to produce scaled, repeatable solutions, which may impact an entire industry or field.  The grant will also be a force multiplier for established collaboratives on any level and will include unlimited database storage for ambitious communities.  There is absolutely no cost to the recipients of this grant, and nothing is for sale. The opportunity to continuing using the platform after the grant is fulfilled (5 years), may be discussed with the CAN.

On the CAN, smaller organizations are empowered with capacity and become difference makers, and larger organizations find better system uses, and each have the ability to scale and deliver worthwhile programs.

The Momentum to Modernize grant will assist organizations to lower overhead, develop new programs quickly, and deliver reliable and available services to beneficiaries.  The CAN is looking for nonprofit organizations who recognize that these IT projects and requirements are drivers of organizational change.  The goal of the grant is to provide vital technology that is lacking in the sector.  The CAN is HIPAA, HUD and ADA compliant.


Momentum to Modernize awards may fund the following types of non-profits and projects:

  • Organizational launch
  • Organization modernization
  • Innovative tools and systems
  • Increased Security
  • Client database migration
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Systems upgraded requirements
  • Infrastructure expansion
  • Systems building collaboratives

Organizations who are looking to demonstrate a magnitude of return on cloud technology should apply for this grant.  Recipient organizations will attend 2 onboarding training sessions prior to using the CAN. Applicants will be looking to either begin integrating advanced services or already possess strong data and security practices.  CAN onboarding, implementation and training support will be available to ensure programs are able to scale to meet audacious, urgent goals.