Motorcycles are known as the ultimate sign of freedom. You have spent your time zipping through chaotic city traffic or weaving through the country roads as the sun descends. Once upon a time, the appeal of buying a motorcycle was the freedom and fun that came along with owning a wild hog. A motorcycle was cheaper and much more fun than purchasing a car. However, as time has progressed, you have learned that the insurance on a motorcycle is extremely high. Also, you have come to realize that you can only utilize your motorcycle when the weather is perfect outside. How many days of the year are you really using it? How many days does it sit in your garage unused as you pay high premiums in insurance costs. Lastly, they are dangerous; in fact, nearly 5,000 motorcycle fatalities occurred last year alone.

Several riders hold onto their old motorcycle in hopes of one day fixing it up or getting back into riding. However, motorcycles are not meant to be left in the garage collecting dust or costing you high insurance premiums. A motorcycle donation to Yellow Ribbons Vehicle is the perfect way to put your old bike to better use! YRV also provides great benefits for your motorcycle donation!

Remember, we tow your motorcycle for free. This is extremely helpful especially if your motorcycle does not run anymore. Repairs can be expensive, especially if you never could get your old bike up and running again. We will take your motorcycle donation in nearly any condition.

Your motorcycle donation is tax deductible. YRW is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, you will receive the maximum possible tax deduction for your donation.
We save you time by doing all the paperwork. Maybe you’ve got several motorcycles and you’re just donating one of them. Why waste your time with the title transfer paperwork when you could be out riding one of your more beloved bikes? We do it all for you! We promise to make it so simple and we pride ourselves on our professionalism.

You will not have to worry about selling your motorcycle on your own. If you loved your motorcycle, you, of course, would want to make sure it went to the best buyer when it was time to let go. This can be stressful dealing with difficult people when trying to sell any vehicle, let alone one you had a personal attachment to. Donate your bike instead and it will go to a great cause!
Your motorcycle donation helps local veterans by providing financial support, counseling, educational opportunities, down payments for homes, and retainment of new employment. Our main mission is to help those veterans and their families transition effortlessly into successful civilian life.

If you decide to donate, we kindly ask that your motorcycle has inflated tires. If possible, dropping your motorcycle off for us at a designated location would be appreciated, as it can save on towing costs and will give a greater profit to our veterans. If this is not possible, this is not a problem and we will make towing arrangements with you rather quickly. At the time of the donation, we ask for the following information:

  • Signed title
  • Year, make, and model
  • Mileage
  • What condition would you define it as? (not running, poor, fair, good, or excellent)
  • Estimated value
  • Can you drop off the motorcycle to a facility for us?

Start your motorcycle donation to Yellow Ribbons Vehicle today! Visit our homepage to go through our three easy steps for the donation process: