Donate a Truck

Donate a Truck

Your truck has been your loyal sidekick for countless years. It has transported your multiple moves as well as those of your relatives and friends. Maybe, you’ve hosted football tailgate parties with it. Perhaps, your dog loved to ride in the back with an open, smiling mouth breathing in fresh air. Possibly in your younger years, you laid in the back gazing up at the stars all while watching a movie at the drive-in. Nevertheless, your truck comes with incredible memories!

However, as time moves on your needs change. Perhaps, a job or another opportunity makes you need a vehicle with less horsepower or better gas mileage. Possibly, your truck needs costly repairs. If you have an older truck or a specialty one, those parts are expensive and hard to find. Maybe in this particular situation with your truck, it just does not seem like the best option to sell. For instance, CPAs and financial advisers recommend donating trucks as a smart move especially if you cannot be reimbursed with a decent trade-in value at a dealership.

Now that you are full on considering donating your truck, you must know that Yellow Ribbon Vehicles was created to partner with individual donors who share a common cause: supporting service members, survivors, veterans and their families. Once you’ve donated your vehicle, you can take pride in knowing you have assisted and truly supported our veterans. The vehicle donations aid in emergency financial support, counseling, housing assistance, education, employment assistance and training for our veterans.

Our veterans have served you, now here is a chance for you to assist them; donate a truck! Yellow Ribbon Vehicles is looking for all kinds of trucks to be donated to our worthy cause.

Keep in mind, if you donate a truck there is absolutely no cost to you. We accept most vehicles running or not! This even includes fire, water damaged or stripped vehicles. Also, please note all truck varieties are accepted and listed below.

  • Trucks
    • Pickup, Medium and Heavy Duty, Flatbed, Box, Tow, and Delivery
  • SUVs
  • Vans (full-size and mini)

At Yellow Ribbon Vehicles, we pride ourselves on handling your truck donation with the concern, attention, and professionalism which every vehicle and donor deserves. Our goal is to earn our charity the most money for every truck, van, SUV, or general vehicle to assist our veterans; additionally, we want YOU (the donor) to receive a large tax return for your generosity.

Our three simple steps for the vehicle donation process are outlined below:

  1. Fill out our form linked here: or call 1-855-215-4373.
  2. Schedule the vehicle pickup.
  3. You will receive your IRS Tax Receipt. Your receipt will be generated as soon as the vehicle sells. Typically, you will receive your receipt within 30 days of your vehicle being acquired.

Remember, you win and we win when you donate a truck to YRV! Thank you for your patriotism and benevolence.