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becoming future ready



                                        Becoming Future Ready



Last year, most nonprofits successfully pivoted to virtual engagement, increased services to meet demands and grappled with fundraising declines. In 2022, these emerging trends and others will have critical implications that extend well beyond fundraising and stewardship.

Equity And Inclusion

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7 steps to starting a successful local business


7 Steps to Starting a Successful Local Business

Small businesses bring character to their communities, and they’re a great way for veterans to pursue their interests and work for themselves. What’s more, they’re also an integral part of small economies, and many people prefer shopping from mom-and-pop retailers rather than buying from large corporations. You may have a great idea for a small business, but there’s one important question: How do you get started?

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non-profit cyber security


 Non-Profit Cyber Security


If your non-profit engages in any e-commerce such as processing donations, any storing or transferring of personally identifiable information (such as sending to a cloud) about anyone including donors, or collection of information on preferences and habits of donors and patrons, it is time to get serious about taking steps to address cybersecurity risks.

Not to mention there are real risks to your own nonprofit’s data security.

So, what are the risks and what should we do?

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a senior veterans guide to financial planning




A Senior Veteran’s Guide to Financial Planning


As a senior veteran, handling the challenges you face each day sometimes requires unique financial planning. For aging veterans, this financial planning can look a bit different from any other American senior groups, especially when you factor in VA benefits. Here are some tips from VeteransPlus to make it a little easier for you.


Veteran Pension and Insurance


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non-profit fundraising challenges




Non – Profit Fundraising Challenges

The lifeblood of a non-profit organization is fundraising. Without it you could not achieve your mission, help others, or keep bringing in resources to further fund your efforts.

But coming by those funds? This is where it gets tricky.

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indigenous peoples day


                         Indigenous Peoples’ Day


Indigenous Peoples’ Day changes and reimagines the celebration of Columbus Day and colonialism into an opportunity to reveal historical truths. Truths about genocide and the oppression of indigenous peoples in America, as a vessel to organize against current injustices, and to celebrate indigenous heritage.


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4 sources of business help veterans should be aware of


VeteransPlus is dedicated to helping veterans improve their quality of life through financial literacy. So, if your life ambitions include opening your own business, you shouldn’t let any obstacles stop you. Especially when there are so many valuable tools and resources to help you get started. Here are just a few you need to know about:

Online Resources

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buying a home as a veteran: how to make the va home loan work harder for you


Military life comes with trials, tribulations, and strife that most people will never have to endure in their lifetimes. As a thank you, the US government offers several benefits to individuals who either currently serve or who received an honorary discharge. One benefit is the VA home loan. If you are in the market for a home and plan to use the VA home loan, it’s important to get your affairs in order before applying so you can take full advantage of it.

Understanding the VA Home Loan and Your Other Options

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can announces momentum to modernize in-kind grant


The Coordinated Assistance Network is excited to be offering an in-kind grant to 50 organizations that will consist of free Black Level partner licenses for 5-years each.

The grant will be available soon, stay tuned!

This grant opportunity will be made public soon!  Organizations who are looking to demonstrate a magnitude of return on cloud technology should apply for this grant.  Letters of Intent (LOIs) will be accepted from 6/23/21 - 8/3/21.

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memorial day at green bench brewery


Please join us in salute and remembrance of our fallen Veterans and military members for a Memorial Day event at Green Bench Brewery.

Sun, May 30, 2021

12:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT


Green Bench Brewing Company

1133 Baum Avenue North

St. Petersburg, FL 33705

This event is FREE for all to attend.

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coordinated assistance network’s story as told by its inspiration leaders john pickens and chris fitzpatrick


Can you please share your story of starting VeteransPlus in 2008 and the Yellow Ribbon Network in 2011?

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covid-19 financial counseling task force


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y r n presented at state dav meeting in orlando, fl


The Yellow Ribbon Network was given a platform to present the software to multiple Florida Disabled American Veterans (DAV) chapters in Orlando, FL at their statewide conference.

Many chapters committed to becoming YRN Non-Profit Partners at the conclusion of the presentation and the ability conduct their day to day to operations, track files of those receiving assistance, and roll stats and results up to statewide and national levels of the DAV were the strong points of interest.

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y r n celebrates veterans day


The Yellow Ribbon Network celebrated Veterans Day with the citizens and fellow Veterans of Oldsmar, FL on Tuesday 11/11/19.

As part of the annual event taking place in Oldsmar's R.E. Olds Park, there was entertainment and refreshments culminating with the laying of a wreath at the park's Veterans Monument and a reading of the new names being engraved on it for the year.

The weather was beautiful and the ceremony kept pace with its somber, dignified, yet celebratory atmosphere.

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as we approach labor day...


Anyone who works with veterans will tell you that second to medical and mental healthcare, employment is a critical factor for veterans making a successful transition to civilian life. Often there is no exact fit for a veteran’s military occupation to a civilian job. With less than one-half of one percent of the population serving in our military, employers often don’t know how to recognize the skills a veteran has acquired.  Nobody gets the meaning of having a “mission” better than a well-trained military service member.

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y r n a hit at first-ever joint veterans advisory board meeting


The Yellow Ribbon Network participated in first-ever Joint Veterans Advisory Board meeting between the offices of Congressmen Charlie Crist and Gus Bilirakis. 

Each office created Task Forces to tackle Veteran issues from suicide prevention and homelessness to the transition to civilian life culminating in each joint Task Force providing formal recommendations.

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y r n to participate in congressman charlie crist's 2nd annual pinellas county resource fair


The Yellow Ribbon Network is honored to have been selected to particpate in Congressman Charlie Crist's 2nd Annual Pinellas County Veterans Resource Event; All In For Veterans on Saturday, May 25th from 9:00am to 12:00pm at the HQ 53rd IBCT Armed Forces Reserve Center located at 2801 Grand Ave. Pinellas Park, FL 33782.

The day will consist of presentaiton of resources for Veterans including  Healthcare, Advocacy, Housing, Employment, Small Business Assistance, Education, and Veterans Benefits Casework

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y r n partners with h l p


HLP ( has announced it will soon begin offering a wide range of free financial counseling and education services for more than 30,000 military service members and veterans who are part of the Yellow Ribbon Network. The agreement with the Yellow Ribbon Network (YRN) will provide national financial and housing counseling for military service members and veterans.


donate an r v


You’ve traveled the picturesque, winding interstates of the world in your state-of-the-art RV. However, it is time for a change. Perhaps, you are not using your motorhome nearly as much anymore. Possibly, you are traveling with family and friends on more luxurious vacations. Maybe, there are several needed repairs on your motorcoach which will take time and cost thousands due to such specialty parts. Maybe in this particular situation with your RV, it just does not seem like the best option to sell.


donate a motorcycle


Motorcycles are known as the ultimate sign of freedom. You have spent your time zipping through chaotic city traffic or weaving through the country roads as the sun descends. Once upon a time, the appeal of buying a motorcycle was the freedom and fun that came along with owning a wild hog. A motorcycle was cheaper and much more fun than purchasing a car. However, as time has progressed, you have learned that the insurance on a motorcycle is extremely high. Also, you have come to realize that you can only utilize your motorcycle when the weather is perfect outside.


donate a truck


Your truck has been your loyal sidekick for countless years. It has transported your multiple moves as well as those of your relatives and friends. Maybe, you’ve hosted football tailgate parties with it. Perhaps, your dog loved to ride in the back with an open, smiling mouth breathing in fresh air. Possibly in your younger years, you laid in the back gazing up at the stars all while watching a movie at the drive-in. Nevertheless, your truck comes with incredible memories!

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everyday applicants


Every day people serve this country to protect us, keep us safe. They aren’t trying to be Superman or achieve great accolades, but simply do what they’ve been called to.  They ask for nothing but are owed so much. Whether a snowmobile, jet ski, tractor, car or truck, the donation process is simple and makes a difference. The tax benefit is just icing on the cake.

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Yellow Ribbon Vehicles is committed to serving veterans and their families through the grouping of non-profits, called the Yellow Ribbon Network, who all strive towards this goal. This is met through your vehicle donation. Donating money is not always easy, however having someone come and pick up your old unwanted car couldn’t be any easier. With your donation of any vehicles like old cars, trucks, boats, jet skis, farm, and construction equipment we are able to auction the vehicle off and give the profits straight to the Yellow Ribbon Network.


tax tips for donating a car


Planes, trains, automobiles, oh my! So, you have decided to donate your clunker car, truck, motorcycle, boats, jet skis, farm equipment, or construction equipment which are taking up space in your garage, barn, driveway or storage. Keep in mind, one of the several benefits of donating to our program is the tax deduction. Below you will read, the top tax tips for donating a car or vehicle to Yellow Ribbon Vehicles.